Our Rooms

This lodge is an Eco lodge because we attempt to protect the environment by various means. All water is re cycled through 3 water –garden systems to prevent pollution of the river and to irrigate the garden. The bathrooms are supplied with either solar hot water or gas water heaters, where it is too shaded for solar. Water is pumped from the river to a settling tank , then up the hill, by electricity. Drinking water comes from a U.V. purifier. All our staff are local villagers with our Manager who lives in Maumere.

We have a system of solar panels , storage batteries and inverters which blend solar power with the small amount of local electricity available. Please be careful! We recycle,  reuse and as a last resort send to Maumeres dump. Our kitchen waste is composted or given to pigs.

We provide clean, comfortable accommodation extremely suitable to the environment in which it is located;

  • 11 double or twin rooms (we are adding 5 more cottages with 11 rooms – finished by December 2014)
  • Extra bed if required
  • Western bathrooms with hot water
  • Towels and soap
  • Mosquito net
  • Balcony and chairs
  • Safe box
  • Drinking water
  • Full breakfast
  • Laundry
  • Restaurant-special traditional feasts
  • Bar, beer and wine
  • Terrace and gardens
  • Office
  • Shop
  • Tour information
  • Vehicle for airport service
  • Accommodation for 3 guides and drivers.